Wedding Lightroom Presets

Wedding Lightroom Presets 2370817

        Fashion Wedding pack contains 70 Pro Lightroom Presets meant for Wedding and Fashion Portrait Photography Amazing light, brightness, color balance, beautiful tones, smooth skin, sharp details and much more!  

Moody Fine art Lightroom Presets
Moody Fine art Lightroom Presets 2394698

This collection of lightroom presets will give your pictures a rich, cold desaturated look to create a moody atmospheric feel. It works really well for landscape, portrait, fashion and fine art photography.

Outdoor Portraits Lightroom Presets

Outdoor Portraits Lightroom Presets 2379304

This collection contains 18 carefully crafted Lightroom presets, specially developed for natural outdoor portraits using (mostly) available light. All presets have been extensively tested to work with a wide variety of images on different camera models and can be used during all seasons of the year. Special attention was paid to a realistic reproduction of the skin tones.

Bouquet Wedding Photoshop Actions 2170025

Bouquet Wedding Photoshop Actions 2170025

Bouquet Weding set features beautiful photo actions for wedding, engagement, love-story and portrait photography. Also great for blog imagery and lifestyle! Enhance your Photoshop workflow and create your signature artistic process!



WaterStorm Photoshop Action

WaterStorm Photoshop Action 21687974

ABR, Photoshop ATN

TypoMix 2 Photoshop Action

TypoMix 2 Photoshop Action 21687410

ABR, Photoshop ATN

Leaked - Light Leak Photoshop Action

 Leaked - Light Leak Photoshop Action 2382831

These actions are the best! I personally love them. They are so easy to just add on to other actions or already edited images for a touch of pizzazz. (do people still say "pizzazz"?) Don't forget to watch the how to video (^^ up there) to see some of this action set in action!


Dark Tomb Effect

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Dark Tomb Effect

Dark Tomb Effect 2160514

Package containing one action created in Adobe Photoshop capable of adding a dark tomb effect to your images. Inside the package you'll find one .atn file containing multiple actions with the same effect, but for different kind of images. Some images may be too bright or too dark for the normal action, so you'll have to use one of the actions in order to make sure you get the effect you want.

Duotone Magic- Photoshop actions

Duotone Magic- Photoshop actions 2170476

135 amazing high quality duotone actions for photoshop and 50 bonus logos in this pack. Every item in this pack is carefully hand crafted by yours truly. All the duotone actions are 100% non-destructive which means your original image is never ruined and you can reset it with a single click. Every effect is adjustable with the basic knowledge of photoshop. You can use these on Photos, Illustrations, paintings etc. and they will work equally well.

Lifestyle Lightroom Presets Bundle

Lifestyle Lightroom Presets Bundle 2393243

Lifestyle Presets for Adobe Lightroom are ideal for portraits, travel photos, selfies, street photography and any other types of photographs. Edit your photos quickly and efficiently with these hand-crafted premium presets.