Premium Access

How to buy points?

Please buy Premium Account via this link (Important: Must click this link)

Please follow the instructions image below:




               +  If you buy Novafile Acc 30 Days,  you will receive 30 points

               +  If you buy Novafile Acc 90 Days,  you will receive 65 points

               +  If you buy Novafile Acc 180 Days,  you will receive 95 points

               +  If you buy Novafile Acc 365 Days,  you will receive 165 points



Important note: After send payment, please inform us by send your nick in (and send your username Novafile ) and number points which you bought to our email: [email protected]. We will check payment and send Points to you ASAP. At least from 2 hours to 24 hours.


Please remember, you must contact to our email right after you purchase premium account. If you contact late ( after 3 or 5 days ),  we will don't add points for you!!!


What do you get after you have points (VIP MEMBER)?

Unlimited downloads on, and direct links.

You can view Download Links live (no dead links).

If you don't want to buy Novafile account, you can buy points to be able to download premium files at cheap prices. Contact us for more information.

Email: [email protected]