Eterea Font Family - 12 Fonts for $200

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Eterea Font Family - 12 Fonts for $200

Eterea Font Family


Eterea is a formal font inspired in the monumental inscriptions of classic Rome, but not strictly sticking to the ancient roman typographic characteristics. Its unique look is the result of mixing diverse typographic styles, but mostly having traces from the 16th century transitional style. It bears a big difference of proportion between upper and lower case, additionally to the upper case having much more ornamental traces. Eterea has four different flavors of capitals which change very slightly in the cursive versions. In the italic versions, the lower case (actually small capitals) changes substantially its characters to make its reading more flowing and is not simply an inclined version of the letters. Eterea is a very expressive font, ideal for tittles and short texts of sober and elegant appearance.


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