Proba Pro Font Family - 14 Fonts for $48

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Proba Pro Font Family - 14 Fonts for $48

Proba Pro Font Family

Proba Pro is a geometric sans with lowered x-height, prominent acsenders and descenders and subtle huminast touch. It comes in 7 weights + matching italics each supporting numerous Latin-based languages as well as major Cyrillic languages. It is packed with OpenType features like ligatures, small caps, 4 sets of digits, 2 stylistic sets, superiors and inferiors, fractions, ordinals, and respective punctuation varieties including all-cap punctuation. There are also language-specific alternates for Romanian S/s, Catalan punt volat, and correct small-cap versions for i/i in Turk languages.


OTF | 14 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5 Mb RAR