Grunge texture kit

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Grunge texture kit

 Grunge texture kit 2321502

PNG ABR | 1.2 GB

A set of 35 textures to add a grunge look to your illustrations, typography, or other designs. These textures were created using ink/foam rollers, paint and ink, then scanned at high resolution and isolated from their background to create transparent PNG files - which means you can easily modify the color of the textures (by default, provided as black on transparent background), using layer effects (for example, Color Overlay in Photoshop). These textures also work great as layer masks! Each texture measures 5000 x 3333 px and has a 300 DPI resolution. (See preview pictures for an overview of all the textures).

The set also included a selection of 10 bonus stamp brushes for Photoshop, to add custom grunge details to your designs :)

Aurora Watercolor Brushes Collection

Aurora Watercolor Brushes Collection 2453042


Pure tenderness is lovingly cherished by our team, and we're happy to introduce Aurora, which is a manifest of it! Light, airy brush swashes, and their misty texture have been embraced to bring you a collection of 45 adorable brushes. We invite you to try them for sophisticated invitations, cards, mood boards and typography decor. You can also use Aurora collection to create your own masks for Instagram or as textures for your backgrounds — basically, whatever you apply them to, they will imbue it with the reverie of watercolors.

Realistic Watercolor Brushes

 Realistic Watercolor Brushes 2453638


Realistic watercolor brushes for Adobe Photoshop will help you to create any illustrations easily and use it on postcards, business cards, invitations etc.

Procreate Brush Set - Colorado

Procreate Brush Set - Colorado 1569634

Procreate Brush Set – Colorado by Holly Pixels This Procreate Brush Set is called Colorado and is designed by Holly Pixels to help you make beautiful lettering projects on the iPad Pro with Procreate. Scroll through images and watch the video of what's included in this set of Procreate Brushes In the Colorado Brush Set you're getting 10 different Procreate brushes. Create gorgeous, realistic brush lettering with these custom brushes.

Matt's Photoshop Texture Brush Set

 Matt's Photoshop Texture Brush Set 1376392

So many textures! Add flair and detail to your logos, designs and paintings with this premium texture set. Each brush is customised and pressure sensitive for a natural feel. Every texture is created from exclusive photo stock which I shot personally, all have been refined and most have been edited to create seamless and smooth patterns. 70+ brushes including concrete, metal, paint, paper, fabric, skin, glass, rocks, gravel, foliage, scratches and noise. Great for Graphic Design, Concept Art, Matte Painting and Digital Art.


Flow Brushes

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Flow Brushes

Flow Brushes 2466026

Flow Brushes contains 68 no-stretch brushes for Adobe Illustrator + multicolor version (136 brushes in total) This brush set was inspired by a clean modern style of contemporary illustrations. Flat, but dynamic illustrations made with multiple small flowing strokes. With Flow brushes you don’t need to draw this little strokes separately. Save time, choose a right brush and draw dynamic no-stretch lines easily! Use brushes for line-art or make dynamic details in modern style. There is a wide range of brushes inside the pack. With multiple color version of brushes, you can make unique bold style illustrations. These playful brushes are great for children book illustrations.

I Want All the Illustrator Brushes

I Want All the Illustrator Brushes 2443998

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100 Paint Brush Stamps for Procreate

100 Paint Brush Stamps for Procreate

100 Paint Brush Stamps for Procreate

100 Paint Brush Stamps for Procreate 2419229

The purpose of this Brushes set is to make your design process a bit smoother, whether you're using lettering, photographs, vectors or drawing elements in Procreate. The stamps are really easy to use, they don't work as a regular Procreate brush. Just choose your favorite stamp and do a simple tap on your canvas with your Apple Pen or finger, and you're done. This set features 100 different elements with infinite possibilities, from creating paint brushes to textures, shapes, funky patterns and even ink splashes. You won't be able to stop creating! BONUS!! For the ease of all users and designers,‚Äč I'm including the .PNG version for each file, making them easy to use in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Vintage engraving Procreate brushes

Vintage engraving Procreate brushes 1579224

A set of 12 handmade vintage engraving style brushes for Procreate. These brushes were inspired by old illustrations and engravings, that often feature a lot of linework and crosshatching. The set includes: • 8 Engraving brushes: use these brushes by alternating and layering your strokes angles (crosshatching) for creating shadows/denser areas. Tip: use the same brush as an eraser to "cut" through the strokes and create the illusion of a gradient. • 4 Engraving pattern brushes: these brushes can be used for filling large areas, such as backgrounds. 1 regular version (horizontal + vertical) 1 grunge/aged version (horizontal + vertical) You can combine the horizontal & vertical brushes to create new patterns. (See swatches pictures for more details).

Highlight & Shadow Vector Brushes

Highlight & Shadow Vector Brushes 2444406

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