Procreate Inking Brushes - Set of 20

Procreate Inking Brushes - Set of 20 2509667

 This Procreate brushes set includes 20 brushes designed for creating ink illustrations and sketches. It features a variety of brushes, for both linework and shading. Most of these brushes were inspired by real tools, such as fountain pens, markers, fineliners, etc...

Procreate - Alphabet Stamp A-Z

Procreate - Alphabet Stamp A-Z 2515723

26 x Procreate Journal Brushes A - Z

This is for the messy Procreate stamp type font, that you can use to create journal text in Procreate. Make your own words and phrases. What you get: A-Z - Procreate stamp brushes


Splatter Collection

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Splatter Collection

Splatter Collection 2520106

PNG | 280 MB

A set of 40 vector splatter brushes for Illustrator. Use them to create grungy effects, add noise to your shapes or add texture to your images. All brushes were made on paper with a spray, scanned, traced and polished.

Plush Brush 2: 40 Graphic AI Brushes

Plush Brush 2: 40 Graphic AI Brushes 1590083

Plush Brush 2 is a bundle of over 40 fully custom line art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. This collection is a nice variety of brushes inspired by ribbons, so you can easily make beautifully embellished rules, borders, and round frames. Each design is seamless and comes in simple and ornate (stitched) versions. All elements have been drawn from scratch and do not contain automatic tracings. Only clear, custom, one-of-a-kind vectors are included. Download package includes preview PDF and .ai brush plug-in file.

Thirteen Procreate Lettering Brushes

Thirteen Procreate Lettering Brushes 2511536

When I first brought home my iPad Pro, I was so excited to start lettering. But I found that the brushes that came with the app weren't really all that suited to a hand-letterer's needs. Over time, I've created and fine-tuned a set of brushes that allow me to letter just like I do in "real life" (you know, on real paper). Having these brushes available to me on my iPad Pro has drastically changed my work process, allowing me to create professional-level projects more quickly and more creatively.


120 Illustrator Brushes

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120 Illustrator Brushes

120 Illustrator Brushes 2581933

AI, EPS, All Files


Grunge texture kit

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Grunge texture kit

 Grunge texture kit 2321502

PNG ABR | 1.2 GB

A set of 35 textures to add a grunge look to your illustrations, typography, or other designs. These textures were created using ink/foam rollers, paint and ink, then scanned at high resolution and isolated from their background to create transparent PNG files - which means you can easily modify the color of the textures (by default, provided as black on transparent background), using layer effects (for example, Color Overlay in Photoshop). These textures also work great as layer masks! Each texture measures 5000 x 3333 px and has a 300 DPI resolution. (See preview pictures for an overview of all the textures).

The set also included a selection of 10 bonus stamp brushes for Photoshop, to add custom grunge details to your designs :)

Aurora Watercolor Brushes Collection

Aurora Watercolor Brushes Collection 2453042


Pure tenderness is lovingly cherished by our team, and we're happy to introduce Aurora, which is a manifest of it! Light, airy brush swashes, and their misty texture have been embraced to bring you a collection of 45 adorable brushes. We invite you to try them for sophisticated invitations, cards, mood boards and typography decor. You can also use Aurora collection to create your own masks for Instagram or as textures for your backgrounds — basically, whatever you apply them to, they will imbue it with the reverie of watercolors.

Realistic Watercolor Brushes

 Realistic Watercolor Brushes 2453638


Realistic watercolor brushes for Adobe Photoshop will help you to create any illustrations easily and use it on postcards, business cards, invitations etc.

Procreate Brush Set - Colorado

Procreate Brush Set - Colorado 1569634

Procreate Brush Set – Colorado by Holly Pixels This Procreate Brush Set is called Colorado and is designed by Holly Pixels to help you make beautiful lettering projects on the iPad Pro with Procreate. Scroll through images and watch the video of what's included in this set of Procreate Brushes In the Colorado Brush Set you're getting 10 different Procreate brushes. Create gorgeous, realistic brush lettering with these custom brushes.