Abstract glitch background textures

Abstract glitch background textures 1672629

JPG | 477 MB RAR

A set of 20 abstract glitch textures in blue tones. They were created by distorting pictures until they looked like..well, this. They can be used as backgrounds and their high resolution will ensure a good quality if you are using them for a project that will be printed.



Barn & Farmhouse Wood Textures

Barn & Farmhouse Wood Textures

Barn & Farmhouse Wood Textures 1726076

This is a fantastic collection of 100 wood textures taken from photos of a local farm that has seen better days. Photos of the barn, farmhouse, fenceposts, and various buildings are included. Barn wood, chipped paint in red and white, wood textures and more. Perfect for backgrounds or to add a grungy overlay. All are in .jpg format and sized at 3000 x 2000 pixels at 300 dpi.


Foil & Glitter Texture

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Foil & Glitter Texture

Foil & Glitter Texture 1662530

JPG | 834 MB RAR



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Suminagashi 1659401

JPG | 714 MB RAR

A seamless texture set made using the Suminagashi marbling method. Neutral, vibrant, pastel and natural colorways are included.

Tropical seamless patterns

Tropical seamless patterns 1655213

EPS | 613 MB RAR

The product contains a large vector collection of tropical seamless patterns with hand-drawn design elements. This set include 19 black and white and 24 colorful seamless patterns of hand drawn tropical flowers, palm leaves, jungle plants, paradise bouquet and exotic birds.


All elements drawn by hand and then converted to vector objects.

Dark & grey wood - HD Texture Pack

Dark & grey wood - HD Texture Pack 1420695

JPG | 408 MB RAR


Holi Color Powder Dust Textures

Holi Color Powder Dust Textures 1674972

JPG | 249 MB RAR

35 Hi Res photos of holi color powder being thrown delivered as 300DPI JPGS

16 Photos have only powder | 19 photos have a model or his hands in the pictures

The inverted picture is included only as an example to show what you can do with it and is not included in the pack.

These are great for adding color to your web presence, or blog/instagram posts. You can merge and combine them for new compositions. I've even inverted the colors to get great results.


Toner Glitch photocopy textures

Toner Glitch photocopy textures 1631921

JPG | 714 MB RAR

A set of 20 handmade black & white Glitch Toner textures. Each texture is also available in inverted/negative version. (So in total there are 40 textures). I started by digitally creating glitch backgrounds, printed them on a laser printer with low toner, and scanned the results. These monochrome textures can be used as backgrounds, or in printed form for packaging, textile items or various other projects.

36 Watercolor Dot Patterns

36 Watercolor Dot Patterns

 36 Watercolor Dot Patterns 1338614

Like a breath of fresh air and spring time flair, these watercolor textured dot patterns will bring a cheerful tone to your next project. In addition to a selection of richly textured watercolor graphics, you’ll get a handful of coordinating rosy golden egg dot patterns to inject a little luxe into your designs in cheerful washes of color including coral pint, mint green, pale gray, deep purple, indigo blue, kale green and sunny gold.

Man made texture set Series 1

Man made texture set Series 1 1285301

16 High resolution images of man made texture background, Zip file are included : High resolution 300 dpi image 4500 X 3000 pixels size 16 images